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Things To Do In Madrid

Walk the Gran Vía

The Gran Vía is Madrid’s grandest avenue, with big-name shops in neo-baroque buildings and art deco skyscrapers. On a stroll you’ll pass elegant bars and cinemas from the 1920s and ’30s,

Live flamenco show

Witness the intensity of flamenco at a stage show or a more casual, gypsy-style music club session.

The old literary quarter

Wandering the literary quarter, Barrio de las Letras, you’ll see the former homes of 16th-century writers like “Don Quixote” author Miguel de Cervantes and playwright Lope de Vega, whose house is now a museum. There are also vintage bookshops and bars where today’s poets read, write, and socialize.

Rather you someone who like to hang out a on boardwalks or spend time learning about history. Madrid will dazzle you with fun and ancient history.


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